Mesabi Group

Transforming data “ore” into information is the keystone of today’s and tomorrow’s successful organization. Just as the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota served for much of the 20th century as the world's key source of high-quality iron, so the Mesabi Group aims to deliver high-quality insights on long-term strategies for mining mission- and business-critical data for cost-effective, low-risk competitive advantage.

The Mesabi Group helps organizations make their complex information infrastructure decisions easier by making the choices simpler and clearer to understand. Mesabi Group is an information infrastructure analyst firm with a concentration on storage and storage management and a special interest in data protection.

“Mesabi Group provides highly-relevant industry analysis that helps buyers clarify their needs and vendors to match marketing messaging to credibly address those needs. Recently we engaged Mesabi to provide a custom market analysis report for one of our clients. The report continues to produce highly qualified prospects.  Our client is delighted!”

John Fox, President
Venture Marketing
Author: Marketing Playbook: The Manual for Growing Organizations

Please visit our Portfolio page to learn about the book "Data Protection: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance" by David G. Hill, Mesabi Group's founder.


The Mesabi Group is an industry analyst firm that specializes in computer storage and storage management. One focus is on storage networking, which includes a storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS). Another focus is on storage management, such as information lifecycle management (ILM), replication, virtualization, and snapshots as well as data protection within a business continuity framework, including backup/restore software, continuous data protection (CDP), disk-based backup, compliance, and disaster recovery.